What we do

Our company is founded on helping businesses flourish through technological innovation. Whether it be a new web app, an API integration, analytics or anything in between, we aim to provide full-stack software development for companies who want robust, scalable software solutions at a competitive price.

Our goal is to give your business the technological "roots" to help it grow and stand the test of time, much like an oak - one of the strongest trees in the world. Whether you are looking to start with a new idea or want to add value to your current business, we are committed to helping your business develop and maintain a strong technological infrastructure.

We believe in providing excellent service to our clients, and as you grow your oak, we grow as well!

Meet the Team

Nick Baker

Owner & Principal Software Engineer

Software engineer with a passion with mobile development and solving complex problems. Driven on aligning our clients to everyday operations.

Matt Bailey

Principal Backend Engineer

Professional engineer with a knack for writing backend business logic, data engineering, ETL operations, file-based exports, API integrations and much more.

Jacob Long

Principal Software Engineer

Background in DevOps and Automation. Experience including but not limited to C#, Python, Azure, BDD Framework, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions.

Journey into technological innovation